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Who We Are

EllyEleanor foundation is a non-government organisation which was borne out of passion to see that every child gets qualitative education. Education for any child in our opinion is a right not a privilege.

Frederick Douglas says “It is easier to bring up strong children than repair broken men” and if we must raise strong children it starts from giving them the right education.

We cannot depend on the government to do it all, if the decadence in the society is on the increase; we won’t fold our arms, rest on our oars and expect a miracle to happen from nowhere.

We will rise up and do the best we can, we will rise up and attempt to build, because only then can the change we so earnestly desire become a reality.

We can’t do it alone, we need you? We might not be able to change the world, but we will attempt to change a child’s world, and this child might be responsible for changing the entire world tomorrow.

What We DO

We ensure that children between the ages of 5-12years from less privileged homes who cannot afford qualitative education are put into privately-owned primary schools.

While providing them with the basic essentials in the form of learning resources, uniforms, shoes, food and even getting them involved in extracurricular activities to ensure that they have the right start to excel in life like every other child.

Our Mission

To see that every child of school age has the best form of education they can get while ensuring sound mental, physical and emotional well-being. We are not your regular charity organisation, we are a lifetime partner for these families.

With your help we can realize our dream of sending every child of school age, back to school. Every road taken starts with a single step and we believe that “little, by little, it becomes a lot”.

Our Principles

  • INTEGRITY: We are determined to ensure that we make a difference in the society we belong to. What we say, is what we do. Funds are judiciously distributed to the intended recipient and we operate on a zero-tolerance level for misappropriation of resources.

  • COMMITMENT: We are passionate about making sure that the future of the next generation is not impacted by the negative effect of illiteracy of the present children. We need you to join us in the campaign to ensure that education is the right of every child and not a privilege.

  • INNOVATION: We are constantly seeking ways to improve the lives of our immediate society and though the charity is focused primarily on sponsoring a child through primary education, we also support the families they come from, providing them with cash or groceries from time. Improving lives is a continuous one, with no start or finish, in this vein, constant support from our partners as well as constant support for “YOU”.

Our Partners

We have partnered with some of the private schools in Imo-State Nigeria at the moment to ensure that this dream is a reality. Education is capital intensive and we are truly grateful that these schools have accepted to partner with us in this noble, life-changing vision.

We hope to incorporate more schools as time goes on. And if you are a private school proprietor and you are willing to be part of this, please contact us via info@ellyeleanor.org.

We are glad to be partnering with:

  • Christian International School

  • GoldenChild group of schools

  • Keystone Montessori Academy

As we are a non-profit organisation we also have individual partners who contribute on a monthly, annually or even make one off payment. We will be glad if you could partner with us today to give a child’s life a meaning. And no amount is too small. We are constantly on the field, and we must say every little helps….

Just hit the donate button and be rest assured that you are writing your name in gold in the heart of a child.

Elly Eleanor Nmecha

Prime Mover

Queen Gideon

Creative/Brand Director

Paul Emmanuel

Events Coordinator (Nigeria)

Kennedy Nmecha

Fundraising Development Director