Our Projects

Back To School

This project aims at ensuring that children of primary school age who are disadvantaged due to their poor parental background (children aged between 6-12 years), get the best form of primary education which they can get and subsequently extending to secondary education.


As this is a gift to humanity, we can’t promise any form of financial rewards but the satisfaction and blessings of knowing that you are responsible for shaping a life that tomorrow turns out to become an educated and balanced individual who will remember how his/her journey started. Also as we hope to partner with bigger organisations, your institution will always be foremost in whatever project that will involve supporting education in Africa. We will also have you featured in our website as one of the institutions that has agreed to partner with us in this project as well as doing all we can to attend a couple of your events and giving our support in whatever way we can. Most especially, your name will be written in gold in the hearts of these children for the rest of their lives.

Key Partners

Since it is a known fact that the private schools in the state, offer the best form of education at this level, it will be an honour to have your school partner with us as one of the reputable schools in the state.


The charity is self-funded and the only source of income is by contributions by the board of trustees and chairman. We consider it a form of giving back to the society that we all come from. Due to this, we will be glad if the private schools involved in this will be able to sponsor 1-2 children or as many children or as you can which will not be burdensome to the school. This will mean you are responsible for 60% of the cost of the child’s tuition throughout the child’s education in your establishment while we take care of the remaining 30%.